Which nursing chair is the best?

So you’re having a baby? Congratulations!

Now you need a good nursing chair to help feed your baby and also to rock them off to sleep. Nothing sends a baby off to sleep like being gently rocked. You will probably find that your baby loves it so much you are in your nursing chair all the time and that they want to be read to in it even as they get older, so it is important to get a good one now.

We have looked at the nursing chairs you can get and have come up with our favorite three options, we have one that is a total bargain, you can get a glider and an ottoman for just over $100, but don’t expect it to last you for years, then we have a premium option which is high quality but more expensive, then we have a traditional rocking chair for people who prefer simpler chairs.

Have a look below as we give you the details for each one and see if any are right for you:

Normal option – Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

This is the best value glider we could find, for just $125 (at the time of writing at Amazon.com) then you get not only a wooden glider, but a matching ottoman too – which is incredible value!

It is covered in chenille fabric for softness and has a little pocket at the side to store toys and reading material in.

It doesn’t have any adjustments, and some people have said the bottom cushion is a bit thin, so you might want to add another cushion to sit on, but 87% of people gave it 4 stars or above so this is a well loved nursing chair!

Don’t expect this to last you for years and years though, but at that price it is an absolute bargain.

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Premium option – Dutailier Ultramotion

This glider is made by Dutailier who are known for making high quality items. It is a lot more expensive than the Stork Craft chair above, you are looking at just over $500 for the chair without an ottoman, but this is a chair that will last for years to come.

You get a super smooth gliding motion, huge comfy cushions, the ability to adjust it to make it how you want it, and the ability to recline it too so you can both fall asleep in it, and so that feeding is a bit easier too.

You will need to consider getting an ottoman with this, but it has 2 fantastic 5 star reviews and is a top selling glider on Amazon.com.

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Traditional option – Angel Line Country Adult Rocker

This is a traditional rocker for people who prefer rocking to gliding, and who don’t have the space or want a huge gliding chair in their nursery.

It is made of hardwood so it is going to last not just for years but can probably be passed down to help rock your grandchildren! Plus it is easy to move so you can have it outside in nice weather too.

It is a proper adult rocker as well, a lot of the others we checked out said adult but were actually very small, this will fit most adults comfortably. At $95 it is not that cheap, but this is built to last.

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There you have a few nursing chairs to choose from, which one you choose is up to you, or if you haven’t seen one that catches your eye then you can look at the best selling nursing chairs at Amazon.com by using the links below:

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